Tuesday, February 21, 2012

sorry don’t remember her blog :s


sorry don’t remember her blog :s

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Round and Round

100 Days till Christmas!! 

Earlier today it was very sunny, yet still breezy, which is my fave kind of weather. I usually always leave my house with some sort of jacket because I get cold super fast. My mom makes fun of me all the time, but who ends up shivering when she goes outside!? her! thats right.

^— thats my dog right there, youll see him often.

I was feeling very chill today so I threw on some jeans. I LIKE this outfit- the zipper on these jeans kept coming down but whatever ,they’re still very soft and comfy!


Shirt: Kohl’s

Button Up Shirt: My friend’s closet… ;)

Jeans: BP at Nordstrom’s

Shoes: Target

Bracelet: Temptation

Watch: American Apparel

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesdays make me craycrayy

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I decided to make a fashion blog, of my daily …wear..i guess. The point is to

1) Inspire your daily outfits

2) Inspire myself to be more creative

3) Help out anyone who has no  idea what to wear!

I have recently been looking at random people’s fashion blogs and i’m just trying it out, seeing what happens!

So here is what I wore today. It was a super hot day and I wanted to somewhat look presentable, and cute! This is myyy tryingtolookcute-yetstillhot-yetstillbusinesslike-hopingtogetpeopletosignasheetineedtogetintothisclub-breezysummer-classy-preppy-50skedwearing-comfortable-gilry look. I guess it did help me get over the 80 signatures I needed for this club I want to be in. OH college. Slash this skirt was longer than I expected when sitting down, which is a wonderful thing! It has like peacocks in it or something! Woohoo!!!! successful outfit check.

I didn’t put on any bracelets or necklace. Sometimes I get that stuffy feeling from them you know?

Shirt: Forever 21

Jacket: Forever 21

Skirt: BP at Nordstrom’s

Shoes: Payless

Rings: BP at Nordstrom’s, Kohl’s